About Us

I truly believe that a woman's self confidence and strength helps define her true beauty. Through my personal journey I have learned that BEAUTY is so much deeper than  physical appearance. True beauty encompasses the total person and I hope to nurture that side of  beauty within the beauty industry as well. 

In a desire to build financial freedom both emotionally and financially and to support my passion for empowering women and helping them “feel” beautiful on the inside and out, The Girl Cave LA- Texas is here! The Girl Cave LA-Texas is where strength and beauty will meet!

It was by chance that I learned of a new opportunity to help build the Girl Cave LA brand while establishing a Texas franchise with an extended mission in broadening the idea of beauty.  Read more about the CEO of The Girl Cave LA here. Thank you to Lia, The Girl Cave LA CEO and Married to Medicine star for helping us grow as women entrepreneurs!

I am passionate about helping empower women and youth to recognize their “true beauty” a large part of TGCLA Texas’  unique mission.


~ Adrienne